The Soul Psychedelique

The Soul Psychedelique is a full service entertainment ensemble specializing in celebrations, be they corporate, philanthropic, weddings, or other private events.

Band Leaders Wade Durham III and Johanna Boberg are gifted performers with decades of experience in the music industry, ranging from touring with major artists, to appearances on the Tonight Show and Good Morning America, to Private Celebrations that include Birthday Parties for Oprah Winfrey and T. Boone Pickens.

At full size, The Soul Psychedelique is an Orchestra with an 6 piece Horn section, a String Quartet, Full Rhythm section, and DJ. At this size, we are perfect for the most elegant of occasions. Authentically playing music from every era from the 1940’s Big Band to Beach music, to Modern styles. The strings add a beautiful layer of sound, and give The Soul Psychedelique an uncommon sophistication.

Of course, we understand that not every occasion requires such a large ensemble. That’s why we assembled The Soul Psychedelique in a manner that easily morphs to fit the occasion and budget of the client. Whether you need a 20 piece orchestra, a 15 piece Big Band, a 8-10 piece party band, a String Quartet, or simply a DJ, The Soul Psychedelique is happy to provide entertainment at the next level for you or your client.