“This area is home to some of the most talented musicians in the world and Deep South’s Oak City 7 is a great showcase of this amazing talent.”
— Nancy McFarlane, Raleigh Mayor
“Deep South helps keep Raleigh vibrant and energetic with their events and concerts.”
— Charles Meeker, Former Raleigh Mayor
“Deep South Entertainment has proven to be a valuable asset to the City. They make sure our talent is always high quality and the audiences never go South on us.”
— Roger Krupa, Director, Raleigh Convention Center, Progress Energy Center for the Performing Arts, Red Hat Amphitheater
“It is a pleasure working with Deep South as they expand their entertainment division. They are keeping their promise to manage artists and promote concerts with sincere dedication.”
— Becky Schmidt Colwell, General Manager, Booth Amphitheater
“Deep South is the kind of entertainment company that goes out of their way to truly understand what their client is looking for. They’re not afraid to be a part of the conceptual process, which has made working with them so much fun!”
— Angela Slater, Former North Hills Event Manager, Kane Realty Corporation
“When we’re approached, the first question I ask is ‘Who’s the producer?’ If the answer is ‘Deep South,’ I never hesitate to give the go-ahead. If our name’s on it, I’d prefer the Deep South name be on it as well.”
— Phil Zachary, former President/COO Curtis Media Group
“Deep South’s experience and innovative approach to the 2009 Governor’s Inaugural Ball increased the caliber of this event to new levels.”
— Virginia Yopp, Former Junior League of Raleigh
“We’ve worked on numerous projects with Deep South, and we’re always met with the highest level of professionalism and integrity. Time and time again, Deep South has exceeded our expectations.”
— Brian Mayes President, Nashville Publicity Group LLC
“Being in the news media, I am always looking for events that will draw in a lot of viewers. Deep South is a great source for that! The company adds great cultural and economic value to this area.”
— Tracey Early, Morning Anchor, News 14 Carolina
“Deep South handles the details that bring the entire event together. Their talent and experience ensure that everything goes according to plan which makes for a great event and an enjoyable time for guests.”
— Jeff Thomas, Manager, Goodness Grows in North Carolina, NC Department of Agriculture