Notes From An Intern: Let's Review! Part 4

Hi all! I hope your week is going well! Today is the last post of our three part mini series on Deep South’s artists’ singles. The two singles I have left to review are Marcy Playground’s “Good Times” and Stryper’s “Lost”.

Over the course of the summer I’ve been creating many of the graphics for Marcy Playground’s tour, so I’ve been keeping up with their Facebook page. This made me super excited to check out one of their singles, “Good Times”. This single is from 2009, but it's one I really enjoyed so I decided to review it anyway! The song has a nice chill beat that would be perfect for a relaxing boat ride or an afternoon BBQ. The combination of the simple lyrics and tune provides some nostalgic feelings. If you haven’t listened to this one before, stream it now! 

The last song I will be reviewing is Stryper’s “Lost”. I personally don’t listen to a lot of metal music, since it’s not one of my favorite genres, but I did enjoy Stryper’s song. There is a lot of variation in the sound of the song with some fast-paced verses and some super high notes in the chorus. With this, the band does a good job in keeping their audience intrigued. So even if you think this 2018 song might be outside of your taste, think again and give it a shot, you’ll be happily surprised!

That’s it for now. Be sure to stay connected for the final post of my internship!