Notes From An Intern - Kathryn Covington pt.3

The NC State Fair is only days away! Our intern, Kathryn Covington, has another note for us!


The Chairmen of the Board are a timeless act. They're a popular group from the 70’s and I grew up with my mom constantly blaring them throughout the house. I am so excited to actually get to see them perform at the NC State Fair this year. Hearing them live will bring so much nostalgia and excitement that it is sure to be a unique experience.

I think it will be interesting to see how Chairmen of the Board have progressed over the years as well as get to enjoy an engaging show. As a whole, this year’s production of the Homegrown Music Festival is bringing a great group of talented artists to the stage. 

Stay tuned! Kathryn will be bringing us notes and advice throughout the Fair!