Notes From an Intern: Don't Miss the Third Installment of Angles!

Addressing Sexism In The Music Industry

Angles: A Music Business Panel Discussion Series November Edition


Deep South Entertainment is excited to host their third installment of Angles: A Music Business Panel Discussion Series next Wednesday, November 1.

This panel discussion will be addressing Sexism in the Music Industry. As a female in college soon to be venturing into the workforce, I have had several opportunities to view sexism in action. Sexism can happen in any industry. It can range from a subtle act to an ongoing issue that holds a lasting effect.

Next week at the panel, Iā€™m looking forward to hearing what these incredible local women in the industry will say. The panelists include: Rachel Hirsh (musician), Kate VanVorst (Kings), Breniecia Reuben (DJ Luxe Posh), and Allison Hussey (Indy Week Music Editor). This unique discussion will engage attendees by addressing the issue within the music industry context, and will include the opportunity to ask questions and relate. Doors open at 7pm with the panel beginning at 8pm. We can't wait to see everyone there!