Notes from an Intern: Let's Review! Part 3

Hi guys!

I’m back for the next section of our mini series on Deep South’s clients' singles! Today I’m going to be reviewing Kasey Tyndall’s “Bottle and the Bible”, Lainey Wilson’s “Workin’ Overtime”, and Branan Murphy’s “My Life”.

This song from Kasey Tyndall, “Bottle & the Bible” is one of the first songs I got an inside look at through Deep South Entertainment. Within my first week of becoming the summer intern, I got a look at the making of the music video (which I talk about in my first post). This makes the song a special one for me, as I know a bit of the backstory behind Kasey’s lyrics. With that being said, this song is an emotional one for sure but also empowering. If you find yourself in a sticky situation “Bottle & the Bible” is a great one to listen to!

The second song I checked out after joining Deep South was Lainey Wilson’s “Workin’ Overtime” because her music video had just been released on CMT. Out of all of the songs that I’m reviewing I would say that this song is my favorite. I am biased towards country music but this song is both spunky and relatable for a range of people. “Workin’ Overtime” is the perfect summer song with a catchy, upbeat melody. Be sure to check out the music video too, it’s definitely worth the watch!

Both of the first two songs have reflective lyrics that represent their respective artists. Branan Murphy continues this trend with his Christian pop single, “My Life”. Branan’s song is also upbeat with an inspirational vibe. He does a good job of reaching a wide audience by making this song humble and relatable. The music video for “My Life” was just released so be sure to check it out!

That concludes today’s post. I’ll be finishing up our mini series in the near future so be sure to stay connected for that. Have a great week!