Notes From an Intern - Kathryn Covington pt. 2

The new series "Notes From an Intern" debuted last week with thoughts from one of Deep South Entertainment's Fall interns, Kathryn Covington. She's a senior at NC State University who shared with us her thoughts on the NC State Fair's Homegrown Music Fest, the location of the Fair, and her excitement to see Parmalee at Dorton Arena on October 14th. Read what she has to say this week regarding the lineup and Liquid Pleasure!

Liquid Pleasure - NC State Fair

11 days, 3 stages, 118 concerts. That's an impressive undertaking for the 2017 NC State Fair. Not to mention that all of the music is FREE with State Fair admission. With artists who range in genre from country rock to soul, this is an exciting opportunity for budget-conscious college students to see incredible artists perform live. 

This budget-conscious college student loves to dance. Which means Liquid Pleasure is on my list of must-see shows at the Homegrown Music Fest. The way they can get a crowd moving and excited never ceases to amaze me. My friends and I have so much fun every single time we see them play. 

Liquid Pleasure incorporates dances into their songs, providing a unique and engaging experience for the crowd. They are able to cover any song you can imagine, from today's Top 40 hits to yesterday's oldies. 

As an intern at Deep South Entertainment I've been able to see first hand what it takes to produce such a detailed and elaborate music series. It has been so cool to learn everything that went into producing the music for this year's fair. I can't wait to get to the fair this year and see how it all comes together!