Notes From An Intern: Meet Calvin!

Welcome! My name is Calvin Brown, and I am Deep South Entertainment’s Fall 2018 intern.  


To give you a little background about myself, I was born and raised in New Jersey. I grew up listening to music ranging from Mahalia Jackson, Herbie Hancock and Dave Brubeck to Marvin Gaye, Stevie Wonder, and Michael Jackson. As I grew older, I became heavily influenced by Hip-Hop and R&B’s music culture through listening to artists and groups like Jay-z, Kanye West, Outkast, Wu-Tang Clan, Fugees, Mary J. Blige and Aaliyah.

In 2017, I graduated from The University of The Arts’ in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, where I received a Bachelor of Science Degree in Music, Business, Entrepreneurship and Technology.

During my internship with this fall, I hope to gain in depth knowledge about the music industry’s operations, event planning, and social media marketing.

Stay tuned for updates on everything from the NC State Fair, to Oak City Sessions, and more!

Homegrown Music Fest Keeps Growing

NC State Fair Logo.png


RALEIGH, NC (August 27, 2018) – Deep South Entertainment was awarded the bid to book another year at the NC State Fair.  This marks the 4th continuous year for Deep South and features artists with a North Carolina connection. We are the only State Fair in the country that just features artists with a connection to their own State.  Today, we are proud to announce the very diverse 2018 line-up.  

The Homegrown Music Fest features approximately 70 diverse acts for the 2018 fair. Fairgoers can expect to see 125 sets performed across 3 stages for the 11-day run.   Deep South has gone to great lengths to feature artists representing the depth and diversity of talent that we have across the state of North Carolina. In addition to music, local craft beer will be featured and available for sale in Dorton Arena during the nightly shows for the duration of the fair.

“The Homegrown Music Fest is an opportunity to curate a very diverse and unique experience for the Fair attendees. Although we do have many recognizable and notable artists performing, we really endeavor to create an opportunity for people to discover new music at the Fair,” mentions Amy Cox, Senior Vice President of Deep South Entertainment and Project Manager for the NC State Fair.  

NC State Fair Homegrown Music Fest 2018 Line-up is available at

State Fair Bands Updated.jpg

Oak City Sessions Returns for Season Two

Raleigh's live music television show, Oak City Sessions, co-produced by The City of Raleigh and Deep South Entertainment, has returned for season two.  The show airs on RTN weekly on Friday nights, and is archived on YouTube for on-demand viewing anytime.  Click the links below to watch full episodes from this season.

Diali Cissokho & Kaira Ba
Eric Scholz
The Band Sorelle
Kate Rhudy
James Dunn
Blanco Basnet

Upcoming episodes will feature The Beast and 6 String Drag.

This season has seen these talented musicians performing throughout Raleigh. Locations include CAM, City of Raleigh Museum, Lake Johnson Park, Tucker House and more.

If you're a musician with a deep connection to Raleigh who has enough material to fill a 35 - 45 minute set, you can apply to play on the show here:

Notes From An Intern: Sydney's Look Back

Hi all!

DSE Blog Photo.jpg

Summer is coming to an end and that means we, college students, have to go back to school. Today is my last day interning with Deep South Entertainment, so I wanted to take the time to reflect on my time here. I have had a great time working with Deep South and its staff this summer.

Through the internship program I have learned a lot of information about the music industry and business operations as a whole. I have also gained an understanding of all the hard work that goes into artist management and event planning. I was given the opportunity to do quite a bit of research this summer on platforms and services for artists, which I am grateful for, as they are also applicable to listeners like me.

In addition, I have had the pleasure of being able to create graphics and posters for Deep South artists including Kasey Tyndall, Marcy Playground, and more. This will definitely be beneficial as I continue to grow as a Graphic Designer in school.

Finally, I would like to thank Deep South Entertainment, especially Mikayla, for the learning opportunity and allowing me to get an inside look at an event planning company and the music industry. They provided valuable experiences, such as attending Kasey Tyndall’s music video shoot, which I greatly enjoyed.

That’s it folks!

-Sydney Parker

Notes From An Intern: Let's Review! Part 4

Hi all! I hope your week is going well! Today is the last post of our three part mini series on Deep South’s artists’ singles. The two singles I have left to review are Marcy Playground’s “Good Times” and Stryper’s “Lost”.

Over the course of the summer I’ve been creating many of the graphics for Marcy Playground’s tour, so I’ve been keeping up with their Facebook page. This made me super excited to check out one of their singles, “Good Times”. This single is from 2009, but it's one I really enjoyed so I decided to review it anyway! The song has a nice chill beat that would be perfect for a relaxing boat ride or an afternoon BBQ. The combination of the simple lyrics and tune provides some nostalgic feelings. If you haven’t listened to this one before, stream it now! 

The last song I will be reviewing is Stryper’s “Lost”. I personally don’t listen to a lot of metal music, since it’s not one of my favorite genres, but I did enjoy Stryper’s song. There is a lot of variation in the sound of the song with some fast-paced verses and some super high notes in the chorus. With this, the band does a good job in keeping their audience intrigued. So even if you think this 2018 song might be outside of your taste, think again and give it a shot, you’ll be happily surprised!

That’s it for now. Be sure to stay connected for the final post of my internship! 

Notes from an Intern: Let's Review! Part 3

Hi guys!

I’m back for the next section of our mini series on Deep South’s clients' singles! Today I’m going to be reviewing Kasey Tyndall’s “Bottle and the Bible”, Lainey Wilson’s “Workin’ Overtime”, and Branan Murphy’s “My Life”.

This song from Kasey Tyndall, “Bottle & the Bible” is one of the first songs I got an inside look at through Deep South Entertainment. Within my first week of becoming the summer intern, I got a look at the making of the music video (which I talk about in my first post). This makes the song a special one for me, as I know a bit of the backstory behind Kasey’s lyrics. With that being said, this song is an emotional one for sure but also empowering. If you find yourself in a sticky situation “Bottle & the Bible” is a great one to listen to!

The second song I checked out after joining Deep South was Lainey Wilson’s “Workin’ Overtime” because her music video had just been released on CMT. Out of all of the songs that I’m reviewing I would say that this song is my favorite. I am biased towards country music but this song is both spunky and relatable for a range of people. “Workin’ Overtime” is the perfect summer song with a catchy, upbeat melody. Be sure to check out the music video too, it’s definitely worth the watch!

Both of the first two songs have reflective lyrics that represent their respective artists. Branan Murphy continues this trend with his Christian pop single, “My Life”. Branan’s song is also upbeat with an inspirational vibe. He does a good job of reaching a wide audience by making this song humble and relatable. The music video for “My Life” was just released so be sure to check it out!

That concludes today’s post. I’ll be finishing up our mini series in the near future so be sure to stay connected for that. Have a great week!

Lainey Wilson Signs With Broken Bow Records

 Picture Credit:    Pictured: Back Row (L-R): Colton McGee, Director of Business and Legal Affairs, BBR Music Group; Kent Marcus, Marcus & Colvin, LLP; Sara Knabe, VP of A&R, BBR Music Group; Mandelyn Monchick, Deep South Entertainment. Front Row (L-R): Jon Loba, EVP, BBR Music Group; Lainey Wilson; Dave Rose, Deep South Entertainment

Picture Credit: 

Pictured: Back Row (L-R): Colton McGee, Director of Business and Legal Affairs, BBR Music Group; Kent Marcus, Marcus & Colvin, LLP; Sara Knabe, VP of A&R, BBR Music Group; Mandelyn Monchick, Deep South Entertainment. Front Row (L-R): Jon Loba, EVP, BBR Music Group; Lainey Wilson; Dave Rose, Deep South Entertainment

Congratulations Lainey Wilson on signing with Broken Bow Records! We are so proud of her and are excited for her journey ahead. Read the full story on

Notes from an Intern: Let's Review! Part 2

I'm back again – with another great single! The song I checked out was Vienna Teng’s “Level Up”. I would describe Teng’s single as dynamic. She uses a mix of onomatopoeias and repetition with her lyrics near the beginning to add a great blend to the music itself. The single starts out slow but picks up pace making it the perfect addition to your workday playlist. When first listening to this song be sure to watch the music video, as it really adds to the empowering message! I’ve embedded the video, as well as the song on Spotify, here.

That’s all for now. Come back soon for some more reviews of fabulous singles!

- Sydney

Notes from an Intern: Let's Review! Part 1

Hi everyone,

For the next couple of weeks I’m going to focus the Notes from an Intern series on Deep South’s own artists. Specifically, I’m going to take some time and review a single from each of our fabulous clients! I’m super excited to listen to the range of genres that the singles come from. Follow along and feel free to comment with your favorite Deep South single!

To start, I’m going to review Parmalee’s “Hotdamalama”. This single, comparable to Florida Georgia Line’s “Cruise”, is the perfect summer song. Its spunky beat and fast-paced lyrics are the missing piece to any windows-down, wind-blown car or boat ride. Although it’s a bit hard to understand the boys’ words at first, I promise if you stick it on repeat you’ll be singing along in no time. Check it out on Spotify here!